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Play your favourite piano piece anytime . anywhere with this roll up keyboard.

They say . that no matter what age are you . learning a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT can be a rewarding hobby as there are a lot of other class of instruments that not only give you the satisfaction of making great music . they also provide some health benefits.

Here is the PORTABLE PIANO KEYBOARD that will help you learn and practice playing piano anytime . anywhere!

Portable Piano Keyboard has a 61 STANDARD KEYS that are the SAME as a REAL PIANO. It has an AMAZING SOUND despite its COMPACT SIZE as it has 128 TONES . 128 RYTHMS . and 15 DEMO SONGS.

Best gift - hand roll portable piano(buy 2 get 10% off)
It has a DUAL SPEAKER that PRODUCES the HIGH-QUALITY SOUND and also SUPPORTS external headphone or loudspeaker. It also SUPPORTS MICROPHONE which you can sing while playing the keyboard.

Best gift - hand roll portable piano(buy 2 get 10% off)
Portable Piano Keyboard is made of SILICONE and NON-TOXIC material making it SAFE to use. It is ANTI-SKID . ANTI-SCRATCH and WATERPROOF. It is FLEXIBLE and can EASILY be ROLLED UP and take with you anywhere! It has a USB PORT that you can connect to your computer.

This piano has a RECHARGEABLE BATTERY that can be POWERED UP to 20 HOURS of CONTINUOUS PLAY. This is SUITABLE for home entertainment . beginners . family . or people who love playing music.
  • Material: silicon . abs plastic and electronic components
  • Age of application: all ages
  • Size: shown above
  • Power Parameter: 1.5 V battery
Package Includes:
  • 1 *Portable Piano Keyboard
  • 1* instruction manual


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