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–October 2019 U.S. outbreak of the largest flu virus in 40 years .22 millionpeopleinfected.

–In 2020 . a new type of coronavirus broke out in the world . which is extremely infectious. So far .78 .190cases of infection in China have been reported. A total of 37 countries in the world have reported the number of confirmed diagnoses! so soap are extremely important at this time!

TheDisinfection soapSheetslets youwash your hands nearly anywhere you go.Effectively eliminate 95.99% of bacteria!Just add water! Each travel pack comes with20 thin sheets of soap . witheach sheet enough for 1 handwashing. Simple and convenient . which is very important now!

During the high season of spring flu . bring soap tablets into the bag . and you can play a good role in cleaningduring workor yourchild’s school .effectively isolating viruses and bacteria.

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  • SAFE ON SKIN:The Disinfection soap can help eliminate bacteria on your hands . The Disinfection soap aregentle on the skinso you canuse it without making your skin dry.
  • CONVENIENT:Whether you are at home or in an outdoor mall . you’d want to be able to wash your hands thoroughly. With the Disinfection soap Sheets . you can!
  • NO MESS:No more settling with just wiping your hands or washing it with just water.Soap and clean your hands thoroughlyanywhere you go with the Disinfection soap Sheets. Witheach soap sheet enough for 1 handwashing . you don’t have to put the used soap back in your pack which may drip out.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN:The Disinfection soap Sheets come with their own container that fits right in your bag or pocket. Keep them in your purse or even in your car so you have soap to wash your hands with anytime you need!


  • Size:6cm x 4cm
  • Weight:14g
  • Container Material:High-quality PP5
  • Container Color:Pink . White . Purple . Blue . Green . Yellow

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Portable Soluble Disinfectant Soap Paper (20 sheets per container)


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