Public Transportation Cup Holder – Quality Grabber

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No More Hustle and Enjoy Your Favorite Drink While onTrains . Buses . or Subways!

ComfyCup: Portable Cup Holder - Cup holder for trains . buses . subways . and bicycles

Whenever you’re on public transportation . it’s always a juggle trying to hold onto your drink . bag . purse . and everything else you need with you while traveling to and from work. This uniquePortable Transit Cup Holder gives you a cup-holder practically anywhere . but it’s specifically handy on trains . buses . and subways.

No longer will you be stuck holding your extra hot coffee or moist cold drink throughout your entire transport. To use . just clamp it around any pole or seat and then set your drink inside of the cup-holder area. It’s that easy.

ComfyCup: Portable Cup Holder - Cup holder for trains . buses . subways . and bicycles

This Cup Holderfits practically any standard cone-shaped drink sized small to x-large . and easily fits in your purse or bag when not in use. You can also clamp it around the outside of your bag or purse if you don’t have room on the inside.


  • Easily carry your favorite beverage on the Go! No need to struggle or spill your drinks anymore
  • Designed to fit public transit vehicles and can also fit other personal devices . like strollers and wheelchairs . bicycles . scooters.
  • Easy to use . simply clamp and ready to use
  • Made from Polycarbonate plastic – Durable . impact-resistant and Lightweight.
  • Rubberized claw clamp design ensures the device stays locked to the pole and prevents sliding down
  • Fits standard size poles on public transit vehicles and other commonly used poles
  • Holds S-XL cup size


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