Premium Foot And Leg Massager – Quality Grabber

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Looking for an easy way to get RID of all the muscle aches and pains around your legs? Our Air Compression Foot And Leg Massager Circulation Machine was designed to provide certain vibrations within your legs to help lower the pain and promote blood circulation.

Air Compression Foot And Leg Massager Circulation Machine

Thisleg massager provides an unforgettable massage experience simply because it reaches deep within the muscles and tissues of your legs to release tension.

Through the released tension . your legs start getting more of the blood flow and due to this . the toxins start leaving your body.

Best part of all .ourfoot and leg massager is extremely lightweight and portable. It fits perfectly on different leg sizes and provides a very comfortable fit.

Air Compression Foot And Leg Massager Circulation Machine

The outer layer of ourair compression leg massager was coated with breathable material . making it less likely for your legs to sweat during the massage.


ADJUSTABLE – Ourleg circulation massagerhas fully adjustable wraps which fit according to the leg size. They’re fully stretchable and can be used on different body parts . including waist . abdomen . back . etc.

PROFESSIONAL MODES – Ourleg massage machinecomes with 9 various working massage modes all designed to adjust the strength according to leg size. The modes on this leg & calf massager range from ultra soft and delicate to rough and powerful.

SAFE –Using the foot and leg massager for long periods of time (60 minutes +) can actually do more harm than good for your leg muscles and joints. Ourair compression leg massager has an automatic shut-off feature . which basically shuts off thecalf massagerafter 15 to 20 minutes of continuous use.


  • 2 x Upper limb leg massagers
  • 2 x Lower limbs air compression leg calf massagers
  • 1 x Controller
  • 2 x Small Pads
  • 3 x Silica Gel Trachea
  • 1 x Adapter


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