Mekmart Revolutionary Carpentry–Better Tool – kiwinic

$44.99 $20.99

Fantastic and useful revolutionary tool

???? u can never imagine ~

This product can replace or compliment a speed square . sliding bevel . level . digital level . combination square . builders protractor . Stanley quick square . 2 combination set tools . and often a builders square.


  • Combines the functionality of a combination square . bevel . protractor . digital level and speed square . plus many very useful exclusive featuresinto one compact easy to use tool.
  • Markaccurate plumb cuts . birds mouthdepth marks andseat cuts .without adjusting the tool orchanging the tool’s configuration.
  • Hipand Valleyrafter cuts made fast by justflippingthe tool over and using the reverse sidescales.
  • Mark angled checkouts in any configuration without adjustment to the tool.
  • Machinedfrom solidaluminum with ananodized protective finish .laser etched artwork . engraved angle scales for high accuracyand high-quality stainless steel andbrass hardware.


  • Degree Scale

  • Rise & Run Scale

  • Hip-Valley scales for each of thefront scaleson the tools’ reverse side

  • 350mm Metric blade

  • CNC Machined from solid Aluminium

  • ProtectiveAnodizedfinish




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