“Rose Of Jericho” – The Resurrection Plant – Buena Deal


All plant collectors and keen gardeners like a plant with a special story . and few plants have a story as special as theRose of Jericho. TheRose of Jerichois a plant that isnearly impossibleto kill which makes it perfect for people who have a hard time keeping plants alive! It can be kept in a dark cupboard for years and stillbe revived in water.When placed in a bowl of water . it perks up within about four hours.Don’t leave it standing in water for more than a few days . as this will make it rot. Change the water daily . and give it ??rests?? without water.

Its natural growth-cycle alone isintriguing . and this is what has led to the many beliefs and superstitions of this amazing plant.The Rose of Jericho goes from seeming death to lifemagically . it’s not surprising to discover that it is believed to have magical qualities.

TheRose of Jerichogrows in the desert .sucks up all the water . and then when there is nothing left to drink . rolls up inside itself and blows around the desert until it stumbles upon another body of water. When it comes upon an unsuspecting shore or a small desert puddle . it un-tucks its roots . and begins sucking up the moisture .drawing in life!


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