Rust-Killer Kitchen Sponge – Delicate Lilac

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The Rust-Killer Kitchen Spongeis a powerful sponge that you must have in the kitchen for easy cleaning. With the new nano-technology and the emery material . it helps remove any rust or dirt in seconds. It is fast & easy.

It is made of an easy-grip handle with replaceable design. You can replace the old sponge easily. It is also standable which allows quick drying. The sponge can be used to clean stubborn rust . polish cutleries or other kitchen tools effectively. Let’s get this great helper now!


  • Remove Rust Perfectly:The sponge can remove stubborn rust on stainless steel cookwares perfectly to restore a new look.

  • Replaceable Sponge:There is a replaceable design. You can replace the old sponge to make it more durable.

  • Quick Dry:The sponge is standable that allows faster water flow and quick drying.

  • Durable Material:It is made of durable PP plastic . an easy-grip handle and durable emery sponge for fast & effective cleaning.

  • Multi-Purposes Cleaning:Other than removing rust on cookwares . the sponge can be used to polish cutleries . clean chopping board or get rid of other dirts.


  • Material:PP Plastic / Emery
  • Size: 5.8cm X 7.4cm X 9.9cm
  • Color:White / Grey / Brown


  • 1 x Rust-Killer Kitchen Sponge


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