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Having a safe place to store money is a major concern for many people. Sometimes . funds need to be kept on the home front instead of the bank downtown. That’s why we created the Safe & Secure Electronic Piggy Bank!

Our bank combines style with quality! Feel free to display our bank anywhere in the home! it matches well with most decor but more importantly . it keeps your money secure.


  • Electronic password protection– Enter the password and when the green light come son . open the door
  • Spacious interior– Stores banknotes . up to 600 coins . and other small items
  • Automatic money roll function– A lot of fun to use!
  • Safe ABS material– Durable . non-toxic material keeps humans . pets . and money safe

How to Change Password:

Open the door and press “*” . when the two lights are on . enter the new password and press “#” to confirm the password change.


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