Safety Dog Body Harness – Gummychoco


A sturdy adjustable harness with reflector for your dog’s safety and security walking.

Safety Dog Body Harness is a CONVENIENT DOG HARNESS that PROVIDES a HASSLE-FREE WALKS for you and your dog. It has a BREATHABLE MESH fabric inside that PROTECTS your DOG’S SKIN and is SUITABLE for ALL WEATHER CONDITION. It has a REFLECTIVE STRIPS that are SEWN TIGHTLY to the HARNESS for a SAFE NIGHT WALKING. It has an EASY GRIP HANDLE and a SIDE RINGS that when your dog tries to PULL-OUT they will instead SPIN AROUND and FACE YOU . making it also PERFECT for TRAINING and BEHAVIOURAL CONTROL.
Safety Dog Body Harness has an EASY ON and OFF BUCKLES . making it SECURED and EASY to FASTEN. It has an ADJUSTABLE BELLY and CHEST STRAP that FITS your DOG’S BODY perfectly and comfortably. It is STRONG and STURDY and is made to LAST.


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