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A box that gives someone a scare while giving you a laugh.

Whether its APRIL FOOL’S DAY . HALLOWEEN . or just an ORDINARY DAY it is ALWAYS a GOOD LAUGH to have your friend . family . or special someone get PRANKED! And it will surely be the BEST PRANK if it comes from YOU! The question is . WHO IS NOT AFRAID OF SPIDERS? RIGHT? That’s why we are excited to introduce you the SCARY SPIDER PRANK BOX!

Scary Spider Prank Box is a SCARE PRANK BOX that is SPECIALLY DESIGNED for any PRACTICAL JOKERS who LOVES to TRICK their Friends . Family . Workmates . anyone to CREATE a GOOD BIG LAUGH! It is a BOX made of SOLID PINE WOOD that is HANDMADE and SANDED for a SMOOTH . FINE and SPECIAL LOOK and INSIDE is a REALISTIC RUBBER SPIDER with WIGGLY LEGS that is EXCITED to JUMP OUT when you OPEN the LID.

Scary Spider Prank Box is EASY to USE just HAND SOMEONE the BOX and let them OPEN and DISCOVER the SCARY RUBBER SPIDER. It is SAFE and NON-TOXIC.


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