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The Screw-Free Compact Wire Connector is perfectfor all kinds of wire types .you can connect solid wireswith ease without holding a scew-driver. Just insert the wires and pull down the lever . you are good to go! Things get done so quickly and great for reworking.

It is highly practical and safe to use with the clear instructions and safety measures. The wire connector is tiny to fit small electrical boxes. It is easy to carry and great to have some with you as a professional electrician. Let’s get them NOW!!


  • Screw-Free:It is fast and easy to use. Without screwing . you can connect any wires with just one pull of the lever to clip them tight and safe. It is super great for reworking too!

  • Highly Practical: It is the right terminal block and connector for every electrical application like LED lights installation etc.

  • Safe To Use:Although it is small and minimal . it is safe to use as it has clear instructions and safety measuring hole.

  • Small & Portable:With the small size . it is easy to carry around and store.


    • Package Weight: 0.4 kg
    • Package Size: 15 x 8 x 4 cm
    • Wire Application: Rigidity lead (BV .BVR) 0.08-2.5mm2 /
      Flexible lead (RV) 0.08-4mm2

    Package includes:

    • 15 pcs x Wire Compact Connectors


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