ScrewOut Screw Extractor (1 Set 5pcs) – starrypiglet

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This Extractor Set Can Extract ANY Damaged Screws!
  • Made of High-speed steel.
  • Long Life true high-speed steel.
  • Self-starting- No need for a pilot hole.
  • Cobalt coated to reduce friction and run cooler.
  • Designed to remove Stubborn . Rusted . Stripped screws or bolts.
  • The large bit has a 6-sided shank and small bits have hex shank to prevent slip in the drill chuck.
  • The two-flute design gives you faster . smoother cutting. 6-sided shank will not slip in your drill’s chuck. Cobalt coated for smoother cooler cutting.


  • Size: 8.85x 66.2x 94.97mm.
  • Surface treatment: Nickel plating.
  • Handle 1/4 inch (6.35MM) Hexagonal shank.

Package Includes:

ScrewOut Screw Extractor (1 Set 5pcs)


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