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Combatswollen .elephant legs&circulation problemswithSculpting Sleep Leg Shaper!Made of extra-soft cotton . the3D cutting curveleggingsslim & sculptyour legs using apoint-to-point pressure system.It is comfortable enough torelieve your legs from swellingand return to itsslim perfect shape!Theoctagonal meshappliesgraduated compressionto improveblood & lymph circulation . which toneslegsandburn fatas you sleep.It providesmaximum pressurefrom the ankle . gradually move up along the leg to the knee.Ideal for people who need tostand or sit for long hours(e.g. long-haul flight).Slim & Tone
Fat Buster

  • Burn CaloriestoSlim& tone your legs as you sleep
  • ReducesSwelling&symptoms of Varicose Veins
  • ProvidesOptimum Pressure Distributionon different parts of the leg
  • Significanthip lifting& leg shaping effect
  • Stretchy . Lightweight&BreathableMaterialfor comfortable wearing
  • Anti-piling & hookingHard Wearing material

1. Material: Nylon . Polyurethane . Cotton
2. Size:
M (dress size: 8-14)
L (dress size: 15-20)

1pc X Sculpting Sleep Leg Shaper


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