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Stainless Steel Upgrade Magnetized Mixing Cup

coffee mug Stainless Steel Magnetic Self Stirring Automatic Cover Milk Mixing Mugs Electric Lazy Smart shaker Coffee Cup

Who says you need a spoon to stir your beverage? Well . actually you don’t! Now you can save a little time in the morning . mixing your frothy coffee or hot cocoa . by using our Self-Stirring Coffee Mug! It’s time to raise your laziness game to the next level. Your morning cup of coffee will never be the same . because your mug will mix itself! This self-stirring mug features a cyclonic action mixer to evenly blend the ingredients in your beverage of choice. It’s an automated mug for complete and total lazybones and the leak-resistant cap helps prevent spills while you’re on the go.

Magnetized cup: a cup that can magnetize water

science knowledge:

When water flows under a specific magnetic field . water generates electromagnetic induction . which changes the physical and chemical properties of water. Some water molecules become smaller single molecules . which have good dissolving power and permeability . helping the dissolve and discharge harmful substances

Cupmaterial: stainless steel + ABS

Capacity: 400/450ml

Color: Pink . Yellow . Black . White.

Weight: about 370/375g

Size: 11*9.2*13.5cm

Battery:Two AAA Batteries(not included)


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