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Is it difficult to cut the precision fittings on the floor . wood and ceramic tiles?

Simply press the contour gauge onto a shape!

Copy the profile and cut to shape.

Just press the contour in one shape!The shape and dimensions of the object can be perfectly measured and replicated each time. Solve the problem of fast copying and waste of raw materials!


Made ofhigh quality . high strength . durable . and anti-rustmaterial.

Designed forwinding pipes . circular frames . ducts . and many objects.

Ideal forfitting tiles . laminate . carpet . checking dimensions . molding .etc.

Comes withruler markingsto make measuring and cutting easier.

With included measure tools . perfect for all kinds of carpentry andwoodworkingUse to quickly duplicate difficult orintricate shapes.

Copy shapes to tile . laminate . engineered wood .solid wood .and vinyl flooring to preciselycut flooring to match objects.

Easy to Use

Simply press the tooth against the object to match the contour . and then track/trace the shape.

A useful tool foroperations on car bodies .carpentry and for allkinds of modeling

Metric andimperial marked gauges.

Includes amagnet . which can stick to iron products.

With the help of ourContour Duplication Gauge .draw the profile on your projects or copy it on to another surface with little to no effort.


Press the contour teeth againt the contours of the object you wish to replicate like pipes . round columns . conduits and irregularly shaped walls for precise copying and cutting.

Trace the shape as needed ontiles . wood . vinyl flooring . metal sheets . stainless steel . etc. and achieve your desired contours for any project.

Product specifications:


Color:Pine Green

Measuring Range:0 – 120mm /260mm

Scope:0 – 120mm/260mm

Package includes:

1x Shape Contour Duplicator


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