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Easily attach things to any surface with this gel adhesive holder.

We’re excited to offer you a super adhesive product that can help you stick anything to any surface! Introducing the SILICA GEL ADHESIVE HOLDER.

Silica Gel Adhesive Holder is a SMALL and PORTABLE STICK ON GEL that lets you STICK EASILY any OBJECTS to ANY SURFACE. It is made of HIGH-GRADE SILICA GEL making it FLEXIBLE and STURDY at the same time. It is HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANT as it STAYS IN SHAPE no matter what TEMPERATURE. It is SAFE and SECURE.

Silica Gel Adhesive Holder has a NANO-PHYSICAL PASTE and has NO RESIDUE after use. It is PERFECT for Mobile Phones . Gadgets . Small Objects . Small Ornaments . Glass Bottles and more. It can be EASILY ATTACH to Rough Walls . Glass . Wood . Smooth Mirrors . Tiles . Ceramic . Leathers . and more. It is REUSABLE as after washing it can be USED AGAIN providing the same ADHESIVE it offers before.


  • Applicable equipment: Mobile phone and gadgets.
  • Style:Round/Square.
  • Weight: 50g/ 1 Pcs.
  • Color: Transparent.
  • Material: Silica gel.
  • Size: 5x5x5cm.
  • Type:3Pcs.


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