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Upgrade your interior d??cor with this fascinating SILICONE BOTTLE WALL VASE as a new refreshment to your eyesight when you’re at home . at the office . or any place you want to convert as a fresh area.

Silicone Bottle Wall Vase is a CREATIVE VASE that is made of NANOSCALE POLYMER MATERIALS which are RESISTANT to TEAR and HIGH TEMPERATURE.

PROVIDED by the NANOTECHNOLOGY and ADOPTION of NEW HIGH POLYMER . the back of the vase produces a COUNTLESS SMALL SUCTION CUPS that can ABSORB the SMOOTH SURFACE which means that this vase DOES NOT REQIURE nails . glue . adhesive tapes etc.

Silicone Bottle Wall Vase is SMALL and PORTABLE . so it won’t take up too much space yet make a big difference to you interior d??cor. It won’t DAMAGE your walls and won’t LEAVE glue or adhesive marks. It is REUSABLE. It is NON-TOXIC as it is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.

Silicone Bottle Wall Vase is EASY to USE. Just pick a perfect area where you want to highlight and decorate . then simply paste the SILICONE VASE on the area and fill in the bottle with water and put your favorite plant or flower to top it off.

  • Vase volume is small and portable . do not suffer dimensional limitation.
  • Nanoscale polymer material . non-toxic and tasteless.
  • Reusable . absolutely environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to use . the paste can be used.

Usehole-free adhesive free products

No damageto the wall .no glue mark .no need to nail
Beautify your home lifeandmake it more fun.


Material: Nano-level polymer material.
Weight: 85g/ 1 Pcs.
Color: Blue.

Package Include:

Silicone Bottle Wall Vase x 1 / 2 PC(s)


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