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A bra that is silicone flower shaped with maximum adhesive to lift and support your chests.

In many countries and cultures . it is considered taboo to not wear a bra under your clothes. Well . isn’t it very girl’s dream to just freely let loose their frontal friends for a more comfortable life? But that doesn’t work to many as well. And it is said that women’s breast needed to have a good support to prevent diseases or cancer.

Here is a perfect solution that we want to introduce to you ?C Silicone Flower Adhesive Bra . every woman’s best friend.

Silicone Flower Adhesive Bra LIFTS and SHAPES your breasts for a FLAWLESS . SMOOTH FINISH under your favorite top or dress INSTANTLY. It is made of ECO-FRIENDLY SILICONE material that is COMPATIBLE to ALL SKIN TYPES. Its HYPO-ALLERGENIC. It’s diameter is 2.75?? for a more SECURED COVERAGE. They are NATURALLY SOFT you won’t feel anything when wearing them. Its COMFORTABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT.

Silicone Flower Adhesive Bra has an ULTRA-STRONG ADHESIVE that it won’t fall off even when its wet as it is WATER and SWEAT PROOF. It is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to wear under crop tops . sports bra . t-shirts . backless . strapless and sheer dress . swimwear . and gowns. It is GRADUALLY THINNING from MIDDLE to the EDGE that CLINGS to the breast forming a SMOOTH NATURAL ??SKIN?? providing a NO SWEAT and NO EMABRRASING OUTLINE.

Silicone Flower Adhesive Bra is REUSABLE and WASHABLE. After each use . simply hand wash the flowers under warm water with a mild soap and let it dry face down. Once it is dry . self-adhesive properties are restored and can be reused 25b times more!

Package Includes:

  • 1 Pair Silicone Flower Adhesive Bra – 6.5cm(A to C cup) or10cm(D to E+ cup)


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