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Healthy toasts with no mess

Easiest grilled cheese EVER!
Of course you can use them for more than that . but even if that’s the ONLY thing you used them for . they would still be amazing!

Healthy toasts with no mess. Toaster bags are FDA approved. They are made from PTFE coated Fiberglass and PFOA & BPA free. These bags keep your toaster clean

Comes in set of five . eachreusable up to 100 times.

They are strong . nonstick . and re-usable over 50 times. Large bags to accommodate almost any size bread . Retain all the flavors and vitamins . Keeps gluten free toasts gluten free – no cross contamination

Safe to use:

  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND NON-TOXIC OPTION!Unlike traditional plastic bags . our bags are made from the highest grade of pure silicone thatguaranteeszero toxins.This makes it aneco-friendlyoption that assures safecooking.
  • Safe to Use –Made of durable . high-quality . food-grade silicone. Safeto put inside the oven and the fridge.Can be used in temperatures from -40 ??C to 230 ??C.
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone .100% brand new and high quality.

Material:Glass fiber
Reusable:Dishwasher safe
Size:16 x 16.5 cm
Usage:Can be used up to 60+ times each
Temperature: Up to500 ??F without any worries
Best for:Toasting Sandwich

    It isthe gadgetsthatyou exactly looking for helpinginyourHot Sandwiches preparation!

    Great for travelling & holidays
    keeps your toasts clean . Use in Toaster . Microwave . Grill . Oven . Reheat snacks . pizzas . nuggets . vegetables and more in minutes!

    Reheat left-over food in microwave with no mess! They are easy to clean. These bags are great for gluten-free diet and for people with any food allergy
    Bread slices do not touch toasterThey will accommodate almost any size sliced bread. Safe up to 500 degrees.
    Material: Teflon coated glass fiber cloth

    Package included
    Silicone Reusable Toaster Bag 2pcs/ 5pcs


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