Dog Treater – DearSnowdrop

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Does your pet hate bath time? Pet Treater can help! Save yourself time and aggravation. This dog lick pad reduces the stress on you and your dog.

Simply spread peanut butter along with the dog lick pad of the distraction device. Use it during pet grooming or any other time you need to calm your dog.


  • Filled with tons of little nubs that’ll make it even harder for your dog to devour the peanut butter too fast.
  • Dog slow feeder keep your loved pup distracted while giving them a bath or during grooming
  • Made of soft and high-quality silicone . durable and difficult to get broken
  • Easy to stick and remove . can be used repeatedly.


    1. Spread peanut butter (Or whatever your pet likes) on the Pet Treater
    2. Stick it to any smooth surface

    • Material: 100% FDA-grade Silicone
    • Size:16.5cm x 15cm
    • 1x Dog Treater


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