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Enjoy your canned drink every sip with this cover protector.

Do you always force yourself to finish drinking your soda when it’s in can for the fear of the possible spilling or insects crawling or that the goodness of it will wear off if you leave it for a few minutes as its opening is already exposed to EVERYTHING? Here is a product that will let you enjoy drinking SODA CANS without worrying about ANYTHING. Introducing the SODA CAN LID COVER!

Soda Can Lid Cover is SPECIALLY DESIGNED for your CANNED SODA DRINKS to PREVENT from SPILLING . WEAR OFF of FIZZYNESS . and UNWANTED CRAWLING INSECTS. It has a BOTTLE CAP design that can be REUSED for a long time. It is made from HIGH-QUALITY material making it DURABLE . SAFE and NON-TOXIC.

Soda Can Lid Cover can KEEP your drinks CARBONATED LONGER making it perfect for travelling . picnics . beach trips . BBQ parties and for better storage on case you can’t finish your drink. It can SEAL EFFECTIVELY your drinks.

Soda Can Lid Cover comes in 6 DIFFERENT COLORS for you to choose from. It is EASY to USE just SNAP it in your SODA CAN LID and WASH it off after use to reuse it again.

  • Material: PE
  • Size: 6cm x 6cm x 5cm
  • Color: Pink . White . Orange . Yellow . Blue . Purple (Random)


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