Portable Solar Phone Charger – Quality Grabber

$79.95 $37.95

Never worry about your battery power running out again!

With the Portable Solar Phone Charger you can have peace of mind knowing that you always have a way to charge your electronic devices without the need for any electrical outlets!

  • Perfect for outdoors trips: Completely waterproof . meaning you can take it with you while on a hike . at the beach . snowshoeing . kayaking or any other outdoor activity and you always have a way to keep your devices charged up!
  • Compatible with all devices:You can use the solar panel to charge any device such as aniPhone . iPad . smartphone . action camera . Android device . go-pro . GPS . speakers and much more!
  • Compact & portable:One of the most compact solar chargers on the market. Benefit from free solar energy in a lightweight foldable format.Carry it with you everywhere just in case you find yourself in an emergency situation where you need to charge and use your electronic device.

The Portable Solar Phone Charger would make a perfect gift for the outdoor adventurer in your life!


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