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Drive like a queen with a sparkling steering wheel.

Upgrade your car interior and feel like a QUEEN with the SPARKLING STEERING WHEEL SLEEVE.


Sparkling Steering Wheel Sleeve is made of NON-SLIP . STABLE and WEAR RESISTANT material that makes an ULTIMATE ACCESSORY for any QUEEN out there. It is STUDDED with CRYSTALS adding a SPARK as you drive. It has a SOFT PADDING and CONTOUR SHAPE making it BREATHABLE and COMFORTABLE. It has a MASSAGING design as the CRYSTALS gently MASSAGES your PALM and RELIEVE DRIVING FATIGUE. It ADDS a BETTER GRIP on your STEERING WHEEL to give you more CONTROL on the ROAD.

Sparkling Steering Wheel Sleeve is APPLICABLE to ALL CARS as it is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL. It is made if VEGAN LEATHER and CRYSTALS making it ECO-FRIENDLY.


  • Works with heated steering wheel
  • Applicable models – Universal: fits all cars
  • Product Dimensions – 15 x 15 x 3 inches
  • Easy to install


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