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Securely protect your wiper and windshield to all weather effects.

Whether it is SUMMER or WINTER . we all have experiences when it is so HARD to GET IN our CAR and DRIVE. That’s why we’re happy to offer you the SUN AND SNOW WINDSHIELD COVER.

Sun and Snow Windshield Cover is an AMAZING SHIELD that PROTECTS your WINDSHIELD from the HARSH EFFECT of WEATHER such as ICE . SNOW . SUN . and UV RAY. It has a 6 MAGNETS that FIRMLY ATTACHED to the CAR to SECURE the COVER in PLACE. It has a DOUBLE DECK PACKAGING MAGNET that the VEHICLE is PROTECTED from SCRATCH as well. It has a UNIVERSAL DESIGN that is COMPATIBLE to ALL TYPES of VEHICLES such as: Cars . Vans . Mini Vans . SUVs . MPVs . Trucks . F250 . F260 . and more.

Sun and Snow Windshield Cover is MULTIPURPOSE as it not only protects your wipers and windshields . but it can be ALSO USED as OUTDOOR Picnic Sheet . Tent . Sleeping Pad . Baby Crawling Mat . and Pet Seat Cover. It can be INSTALLED in just a FEW MINUTES. It has a SPECIAL STORAGE BAG and it is COMPACT for a MORE CONVENIENT STORAGE.


  • Size:200cm*70cm
  • Material:Aluminium Film
  • Package Inclusions:1 x Smart Windshield Cover .
  • Use:Front and Rear Car Windshield


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