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No matter how well built our houses is . over the years you’ll see little by little damages occurring. Like the wearing off paints . crack on the pipelines and the most common problem . the cracks in the walls. It will take time and money to re-build these damages.

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That’s why we have a SOLUTION for you! TheSUPER WALL FIXERis an EASY and MESS-FREE way to KEEP walls look good through the years.
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Image result for wall repairing ointment
With this wall fixer . you can paint perfectly color-matched touch ups to SCUFF WALLS . baseboard . doors . ceiling . or any painted surface. It ERASES those PESKY SCUFFS . WRITINGS . BUMPS on walls . trims it in seconds and makes any painted surface look good as new.

SUPER WALL FIXER is WATERPROOF. It comes with a precision brush tip and twist activated paint control to ensure detailed and mess-free painting.

It also includes lightweight shackling . plastic spreader and sanding block for patching the nail holes and gaps in seconds.

Size: About 18x6cm
Material: Wall glue + waterproof resin + carbonate cover
1 x Super Wall Fixer
1 x Yellow Shovel


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