Pocket Gimbal Smartphone Stabilizer – Quality Grabber

$249.95 $122.95

The perfect gift for photography enthusiasts.

Be the director of your life!
Make your smartphone videos look smooth and professional.

Eliminate the adjustment steps of the ordinary stabilizer when using . boot without waiting . at any time to capture the wonderful moment.

Top-quality & Oversized load:Made from high-performance materials . to achieve the simplest styling design and remote control system.

Portable & Easy to use: This smartphone gimbal stabilizer with the most unique design . the latest 2019 innovative Eagle wing design . small and portable . can be easily folding and put into the pocket . can be filmed at any time . making Vlog blockbusters more convenient.

Durable & Versatility:Lasts up to 14 hours . stable and reliable . fully meets Vlogger’s daily shooting needs and has a variety of functions.

Ultimate experience & AI system: Just one-click Switch . perform a horizontal and vertical transformation . can directly control the native camera.


  • Size??Fold size??108.61*55.56*145.62mm
  • Tilt: 240??
  • Roll: 165??
  • Pan: 330??
  • Usage Time: 8h .Standby hours up to14h
  • Powered By: 7.4 V . 1300MAH . 9.62 Wh . Built-in Rechargeable Battery


1 x Extension Pole (with 1/4 screw) .
3 x Smart Phone-Control Cable (Micro-lightning . Micro-audio . Micro-type C)
1 x Universal Tripod with 1/4 screw


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