“The Big D” Fishing Lure (4 Pack) – The Distinguished Nerd

$25.00 $12.95

The Big D” is your go-to lure when things are getting intimate on the water. Connect your hook to either side of the unit and see which way the fish are chasing. Comes with 4 lures and the plastic container. This is a great gift option for that special someone . or for a fishing buddy who needs to spice up his tackle box! Give it as a “gag” gift (no pun intended) . or as a real gift. Show your fishing friends whose the real boss on the water.

You will have a hard time finding anything like The Big D anywhere else. It’s time to start getting some action on the water if you know what we mean! Grab your 4-pack right now!

Includes: 2 gold x 2 silver
Weight: 5 g / 10 g


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