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Can you imagine your mundane teeth brushing routine can be way FASTER . CLEARER . and more FUN? The revolutionary U Shape Automatic Sonic Toothbrush cleans with ultrasonic at 10 SECONDS! Simply bite down . press a single button . have fun for 10 seconds . and have perfectly clean teeth!

FAST can also be THOROUGH! No more manual brushing leaving behind germs and bacteria that can cause bad breath . tooth decay and gingivitis. Perfect for kids or just EVERYONE who doesn’t bother to stand still for minutes when you can get it done in SECONDS!


  • Unique 370?? U-shaped perfect fit design
  • Medical-grade & antibacterial silicone brush head
  • Auto foaming to kill 99% of bacteria
  • 3D ultrasonic cleaning with 15000/min vibrations
  • Waterproof & wireless rechargeable



  1. FILL: Fill the brush head with your toothpaste
  2. PRESS: Put the brush head into their mouth and hit the power button
  3. CLEAN: Automatically clean & turn off in TEN seconds!
  4. RINSE: Thoroughly rinse the brush head after use


  • 1pc X U Shape Automatic Toothbrush

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