Ultimate Cockroach Exterminator – starrypiglet

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TheBEST Cockroach Killeron the market. No more creepy . crawly cockroaches!

Ultimate Cockroach Exterminatorfeatures ascientifically formulatedcarbo bait todestroy roachesafter they eat the gel and return to the colony . regardless of the species.

Cockroaches cannot resist thissuperior combinationand even thetoughest populationsarequickly controlled.

Pest Species of Cockroaches:

  • German (also gel bait-averse)
  • American
  • Australian
  • Brown / Smokybrown / Brownbanded
  • Oriental


  • Exterminates allcockroach infestation
  • Highlyattractive . proprietary gel
  • Potent & non-repellentformula
  • Indoor/outdooruse
  • Safe even infood handling areas


  • Net Weight: 50g


  1. Dab in corners where roaches hide
  2. One applicator covers several rooms
  3. Sanitize hands after use


  • 1PC X Ultimate Cockroach Exterminator


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