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Worried about keeping your pet hydrated outdoor? Wondering about the hygiene of the water your pet drinks? Well

Ultimate Portable Pet Water Bottleis your answer:

  • CONVENIENT– its light weight and portable design makes it a great accessory for the run. It’s easy to carry with a sling as well

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  • HYGIENIC & SAFE– pet can drink hygienic water anywhere as its made from environmentally friendly material . made from high quality anti-bacterial food grade ABS material . FDA Approved . Lead and BPA FREE material.


Image result for High-quality antibacterial food grade ABS material . FDA approved . lead-free and BPA-free

  • EASY TO USE & ONE HAND OPERATION– withone touch waterproof buttonandone key open/lock water


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  • LEAK PROOF DESIGN –has one key lock water and sealing rubber ring that effectively prevents water leaking and this allows it to be safely carried around on your bags!


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