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Did you know that inone minuteyou can hit the ball 15 to 30 times without chasing it?
TheUltimate Volleyball Trainerworks efficientlytohelp you gain strength and feel the right technique . such asserving overhand or underhand . setting and spikinginthe shortest time by yourself! Thanks totheUltimate Volleyball Trainer . you canpractice without a partner or waste your time chasing the ball!

With Ultimate Volleyball Trainer you can nowlearn how toserve like a pro with ease. Oursmart design ball reboundwill help youspend more time hitting the ballbyeliminating the need to chasing it after every serve you make. You can use this serving trainer equipment toimprove yourswing motion techniqueor just tofast warm up your serving movesbefore a volleyball game!


  • TRAINER FOR ALL– Our Ultimate Volleyball Trainer isdesigned for all experience levelsfrom beginners to experts. No matter what age . our Training aid has anelastic cordwhich can be increased up to 5 meters for hitting application.
  • PERFECT FOR HOME & GYM-Suitable for any gym . home . and outdoor space . you can bring and have itset up literally anywhere in just a few seconds! You could practice on your own in your own backyard home or gardenwithout the need for a large gym . hard court . volleyball net or soccer net.
  • BUILT TO LAST– Our Ultimate Volleyball Trainer ismade of Premium strong adjustable elastic cordadopting premium diving cloth . buckle . and Velcro . whichensures its durability and elasticity.


  • Material:Nylon (elastic)
  • Tile length:2.5 m
  • Stretch length:5 m


  • 1 x Ultimate Volleyball Trainer


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