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PreventFrostbite!Getready to tackle the cold weather…

Ultimate Waterproof Heated Glovesare the perfect tools to keep your hands warm in cold weather. It is optimal for both daily lives and outdoor activities in winter.

The gloves can
protect your hands from cold weather . and actually heats them to the tips of your fingers . forlong-lasting warmth and comfort.

This can help to avoidexposingto cold . damp or draughty conditions .preventFrostbite andRaynaud’s disease.


  • Electronically heated winter gloves . perfect for any cold weather activity.
  • Carbon fiber heating element . optimally placed in the hand for a quick warm-up and even distribution of heat across the hand and fingers.
  • Breathable membrane built in that protects hands from harsh conditions.
  • Incredibly durable shell with element protection
  • Offers up to 8 hours of comfortable warmth from harsh winter weather.


  • Total length: 34cm / 13.39″
  • Middle finger length: 8.5cm / 3.35″
  • Width: 15cm / 5.91″
  • Power: 3 x AAA /piece battery / each
  • ON/OFF switch with LED
    Temperature: 40 -50??C

Package Details:

  • Ultimate Waterproof Heated Gloves x 1 pair
  • Battery casesx1 pair
  • Charging cables x 1pair


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