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Do you want to treat body pains instantly from the comfort of your home?

No worries . we got your back. And head . shoulders . knees . and toes. Our cutting-edgeUltraPendeliversapainless . acupuncture-like stimulationusing anelectric pulsetoreduce stress . improve blood circulation . boost immune system . promote skin regeneration . and relieve muscle pain!

Electric Acupuncture Pen

Why the UltraPen?

Our revolutionary pen isone of a kind. It’s remarkablyversatile . absolutelypainless .andeffective everywhere.Unlike other massage tools . you’ll be able to provide instant relief to all sorts of chronic physical aches such asmuscle . joint . and back painsandinjuries . from the comfort of your home.

A typical acupuncture or massage session is very pricey and time-consuming. With the UltraPen . not only will you spend asmall . one-time payment .but you’ll alsohave the ability tofeel relief .anytime . anywhere . within just afew minutes.No more expensive treatments.No more waiting time.

Unlike traditional acupuncture treatments and pain-relieving medications . the UltraPen hasno needlesandno side effects.

    HowDoes the Ultrapenwork?

    Simply press the pen directly on the point of pain .and the UltraPen will release an electric pulse totrigger acupuncture points forinstanthealing and pain relief.An easy-to-follow manual bookletis included to show you the various acupuncture points you canwork on tolive a pain-free life!


    – Lightweight . Portable . Easy to Use
    – 3 different massage heads
    – 9 levels of adjustable intensity
    – Easy-to-Follow Manual
    – Battery-Powered (1 AA battery not included)


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