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ThisAnti-peep Magnetic Phone Case has this privacy screen protectorwhich makes the case anti-spy. You cansee the screen clearly when you look directlyat your phone and the people whostand beside cannot read your screen. Anti-peep Magnetic Phone Casewill truly protect your privacy. Younever have to worry about anyone else will see your actionwhen you chat . mobile payment or handling private affairs.
Thecase is made bymultipoint and strong magnetic field adsorption technologywhere the magnetism isincreased by 80% .It will make theAnti-peep Magnetic Phone Case and your phone fit seamlessly. Thetransparent back tempered glasscan show Apple’s logo design and retain the original beauty of Apple design. Thedouble-sided magnetic case has 360?? protectionto your phone.
Theprotective metal frame thin designmakes the Anti-peep Magnetic Phone Casesupport wireless chargingeven without removing the case.
It ismade of the nano-optical technologywhich is perfectly compatible with your phone.You can use all your phone features normally. Itiseasy to assembleso thestrong magnetic adsorptionmakes automatic closing of the case.Andits precise cutoutsmake the Anti-peep Magnetic Phone Caseaccess all ports and functions easily.
Package Included:
1x Multifunction Anti-peep Magnetic Phone Case


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