Ultrasonic Led Aroma Oil Diffuser with Remote Control – PropelGear

$89.90 $42.95

Delivers calming . healthy aromatherapy in a unique sage and brown design that is pleasing to the eye with or without the warm white lighting from within the diffuser

Ultrasonic technology disperses essential oils into an ultrafine vapor . letting them remain suspended in the air for longer periods of time and better inhalation.

  • Perfect Mist
  • Doesn’t Clog
  • Easy To Use
  • 2 modes
  • Humidifier/Aroma Diffuser

This diffuser is ultrasonic and does not use the old sponge filter system. So you don’t have to mess around with oil clogging up your diffuser.

Seeking relief from dry air . cold . flu . cracked skin…

The pleasant smell will help to lift your mood . relieve tension and anxiety . boost the metabolism and much more.

Simply plug the diffuser into any USB outlet . fill up to max fill line . add 3-5 drops of your favorite oil . and that’s it.


  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Humidifying Capacity:400ml
  • Voltage: DC-5V
  • Power: 5W


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