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Slim Down Fast With No Exercise & Pills

Our Ultrasound Cellulite Remover is a portable high frequency ultrasonic slimming instrument. Itcan create high frequency vibration at the speed of 1 .000 .000 times per secwhich can burn fats . get perfect body shape & tone up your muscle.

It produces ultrasonic waves & infrared heat to encourage blood flow underneath the outer skin layer. Fat deposits are broken down and eliminated by the body. Also . Aches and pains are reduced because of improved blood circulation.

You can be enjoyed as both a facial and body infrared tool that removes fat . targets wrinkles and improves skin texture with constant use.


Slim down with no exercise & pill

lose weight . get perfect body shape & tone up your muscle

Infrared rays for skin improvement; Ultrasonic feature for burning fats . get perfect body shape & massaging

Enhance skin texture and improve skin quality

Effective ultrasonic facial & body beautifying massager

Works for both face & body


    • Material:ABS .stainlesssteelprobe
    • Powermode:Plug-in
    • Ultrasonicfrequency:1milliontimes/sec

    Package Details:

    • Main machine x 1pc
    • Power Adapter x 1pc
    • Electrodes x 4 pcs
    • Cable x 1pc
    • User Manual x 1pc


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