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Become a great magician with the Unbreakable Wooden Man!

He willmagically jumpunder your hammer! Andmagically jumpon your hand!Even if he gets knocked down??

ThisUnbreakable Wooden Man amazing tricks that will make everyone stunned and amazed!No matter how you try to break it apart . it won’t definitely break! It jumps to avoid being hammered.Knock it down and it will stand back up . collapse it and it will return to its original state.

Magic hammer man- wooden magic toy jumps on hand

Now your kids can show off their unique toys to their friends when they come over!They will definitely be the center of attention as they wow other kids.

Little wooden man who can't beat interesting magic toy in 2020 ...
This magic puppet is made of wood so it’s proven andguaranteed durable . unbreakable and of high quality. Your kids will surely enjoy this for ages!

How does the magic work?

It’s better to keep a1.5 meters distancefrom your audiences . cause there is a very thin threadin the middle of the toy. If you want to get the best performance . we suggest wearing black cloth while performing.

With Unbreakable Wooden Man .you’ll get detailed instructions so you won’t have any problems with it . even if it’s your first trick!

  • Funny and unique magic with Japanese traditional toy.
  • It moves as if the spectator is watching an animation.
  • Itjumps to avoid hammer. Even if it is knocked down .it magically re-builds
  • Made of high-quality material . playing with it is so much fun!
  • Best gift and choice for your kids!


  • Material:Wood
  • Size:10 x 3cm (4 x 1inch)


  • 1 xImmortal Magic Man



Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order


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