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Become a unicorn!

Dread those excruciatingly long journeys? No longer! Add atouch of magical comfort to your travels with this absolutely awe-inducing unicorn hoodie neck pillow. Its plush . soft neck pillow will allow you to doze off into a sleep of endless fantasies – even while sitting upright.Available in two colors – blue and pink . the unicorn-themed hoodie will keep you warm and cozy . simultaneously. With an adorable unicorn face and horn protruding from the hoodie . you’ll look just as dreamy like a unicorn. The perfect gift for your travel crazyor unicorn freak friends. Take off into fantasy land!

  • Unicorn-themed hoodie-cum-neck pillow
  • Available in 2 variants: blue and pink
  • Dread your long voyages no longer
  • Plush . soft neck pillow allows you to sleep comfortably
  • Unicorn hoodie to keep you warm and cozy
  • Adorable unicorn face and horn protrudes from hoodie
  • Ideal gift for your travel crazy or unicorn freak friends
  • Material: Coral fleece
  • Filler: Sara foam beads

Package Includes:
1 x Unicorn Hoodie Neck Pillow


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