Unisex Height Boost Insoles – Delicate Lilac

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ADD UP 7CM TO YOUR HEIGHTto stand outin the crowd and no more embarrassing height!
Unisex Height Boost Insoles are 3-layered removable . stackable insoles to instantly give you an increase in height up to 7cm.
You can use single insole or stack and combine them for adjustable height (3cm to 7cm). This littlehackis totally invisible to wear – no one will notice!
Thanks to the unique designthat performs good air circulation and draws moisture away from your shoes . keeping your shoes and feet dry . sweat-free . odorless and comfortable.
Equipped with a quality air cushion to prevent heel shock . whileproviding additional support for your foot arch . and the ball of foot.
  • Instantly Add Up 7 CM
    Layers can be used individually or as a combination providing you with a height adjustment of 1.25 inches or 2 inches.

  • Adjustable Height Boost
    We offer 3 removable . stackable insoles to let you choose your required height (from 3cm to 7cm).
  • Completely Invisible .no one will know you’re wearing them.
  • Breathable . Anti-microbial
    Helps circulate air to prevent the buildup of moisture . sweat and odors.

  • Triangular Lock Design
    Triangular buckles ensures insoles are connected firmly without slipping away.
  • Excellent Shock Absorption
    U-shaped air cushion keeps your body well-balanced while walking .squatting and even running to prevent/ relieve heel and ankle pain.
  • Unisex . One Size Fits All
    Free to cut to perfectly fit your size.
  • Suitable for Most Shoe Types
    Universally fits sneakers . boots . canvas shoes and so on.


  • Size: Unisex (US Women’s size 6.5-11/ US Men’s size 4-9)
  • 1x Unisex Height Boost Insoles


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