Vacuum Dust Cleaner – starrypiglet

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  • Designed to get dust out of every nook and cranny.
  • Get rid of all the dust you couldn’t reach before Great for vents . keyboards . drawers . window blinds .furniture .toy boxes . toolboxes . silverware drawers .carseven your pets.It is the best cleaning tool ever.
  • Made with 36 flexible . micro-size suction tubes . that are flexible .which can get anywhere that dust hides.It gets into even the tiniest cracks & crevices.also well for those tiny areas where a normal vacuum attachment might not fit like tight corners . and weird angles.
  • It’s also perfect for allergic and asthma sufferers. Combined with a vacuum made especially for the removal of fine dust . the fine dust pollution is greatly reduced. The dust is directly sucked into the vacuum without being stirred up . which has a positive effect in a hygienic household.


  • Universal vac attachment picks up dust like no other.
  • Flexible tubes dust around objects – no need to move things before dusting.
  • Can be used with any vacuum . regardless of size or shape with the included adapter.
  • Saves time and money
  • Is sturdy and resilient.
  • Great for cleaning book shelves . light fixtures . window blinds . couches . jewelry boxes & more.
  • Ergonomic grip for comfort & control
  • Lessens dust pollution in the home
  • Cleans faster and more effectively than conventional cleaning products.
  • Is antistatic*


    This vacuum attachment contains dozens of tiny suction tubes that pick up dust and dirt as they move. These suction tubes are flexible . so they’ll reach almost anywhere . including into an air vent or down a drain. Since they’re softer than hard plastic . they won’t cause damage to fragile objects while sucking up dust around them . and they’re small enough that they won’t automatically suck up tiny objects.


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