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Quick Making Sushi Mold Magic Roller Stuffed Grape Cabbage Vegetable Meat Rolling Tool Cooking Kitchen Tools

  • Product size: 36*10.5*8
    Weight: 170g

With its simple . one-motion operation theVegetable & Meat Rollermakes it easy to prepare delicious food rolls right in the comfort of your own kitchen.Just lay the leaf down . spoon your filling on and move the slider forward. Yes . it really is that easy!

This valuabletime-saver will allow you to make large volumes of tasty appetizers . perfect for any party. With the Vegetable and Meat Roller you can makean endless variety of delicious delights – usinggrape leaves .cabbage .vegetarianormeat fillings .sushiandrice paper. Constructed of durable . high-quality . food-grade plastic . the roller is non-toxic . odorless and completely food safe.Solid and long lasting . it can be used again and again.

  • Make professional food rolls in seconds.
  • Perfect food roll/sushi maker . this handy kitchen tool is the perfect roller for your healthy . meat-filled . vegetable- wrapped meal!
  • Make sushi or food rolls with ease.
  • No mess to clean up . easy to use . convenient and healthy!
  • Simply place the leaf on the roller-band . spoon your choice of ingredients right on the leaf and move the slider forward!


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