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Main Features

    The tablet is smaller and thinner . more powerful to penetrate . dissolve and break up odor-causing residues . compare to the other washing machine cleaner.

    This Washing Machine Cleaner kills by 99% bacteria and other pathogens in 20 minutes time . with a dilution ratio of 1:100 of product to water . effectively clean the harmful and stagnant dirt even if it is invisible . keeping your washing machine cleaner and fresher.

    Suitable for front load washing machine and top load washing machine . high efficiency (HE) and conventional washers. When your washer is clean . your detergent can work better and your clothes looking like new and smelling good.

    Empty your washer . place 1 tablet and set “clean washer” cycle . wipe away residues . no need to disassemble the washing machine . you can get a clean washer and enjoy a healthy life.

    Come with 6 or 10 pieces of multi-functional effervescent tablets in total . adequate quantity and firm material can support for a long time using . keeping your machine in a safe and neat working environment.

Usage Scenarios

  • Suitable for cleaning septic tanks . front load washing machine . top load washing machine and conventional washers . keep your machine in a safe . neat and organized working environment.

Using Methods

  1. Put one piece of Antibacterial Washing Machine Cleaner into the empty machine machine.
  2. Input water and allow rotation for 15 minutes . switch off and allow to settle for 3 hours (water temperature is ideal to be initially at 40 degrees Celsius).
  3. Switch on andspin in normal mode.
  4. Drain the water out of the tub.


  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
    Fatty alcohol polyoxythylene ether
    Sodium percarbonate
    Sodium bicarbonate
    Citric acid anhydrous
    Sodium citrate
    Sodium polyacrylate
Product Size
  • Washing Machine Cleaner: 2.6CM ?? 2.6CM ?? 2.6CM
Package Contents
    • 6pcs
    • Washing Machine Cleaner ?? 1
    • 12pcs
    • Washing Machine Cleaner ?? 1


  • Always remove items from washer as soon as the cycle ends.
  • After washer cycle is complete . leave door open to allow better ventilation.
  • Use only HE compatible detergents in HE washers.
  • Leave the dispenser drawer open at the end of washer use.
  • Due to manual measurements . please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects . the actual color f the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.


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