Waterproof anti-slip dog shoes – Goods Must Buy


4pcs/set Colorful Waterproof Anti-slip Pet Shoes for Small Dogs Cats Chihuahua Yorkie Thick Snow Dog Boots Socks

Convenient elastic buckle design

Abandon the traditional complicated tying shoelaces . easy to wear and not easy to lose .suitable for most dogs’ feet .even if the dog runs . there is no need to worry about the shoes running away.

Anti-slip soft particle design

The soles are designed with soft rubber particles and have a good anti-slip effect. Dogs can no longer skid when walking on a rainy day.

Safety reflective strip design

It is safer for the dog to travel at night and it is convenient to observe the movement of the dog at night.

Why dogs need to wear shoes:

1.To prevent burn feet . when going out in summer .high ground temperature easily burns the feets of dogs and causes heat stroke in dogs.
2.To prevent frostbite feet . it is easy to freeze the dog’s feet in the winter because of the low temperature. Put on shoes can keep warm and not hurt the feet.
3.To prevent rain wet feet . when going out on a rainy day . dog’s feet will be wet and dirty . and wetness is not good for dog’s feet health.


Nylon cloth + Cotton + Anti-slip wearproof soft and comfortable rubber soles


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