Professional Cast Iron Skillet – Quality Grabber



A favorite among chefs because of its ability to conduct heat evenly and provide food with a more flavorful taste. Inspired by the strength of the waves . it is made with durable cast iron and built to last for generations of family chefs. It can be used on all cooktops (induction . electric . and gas) and in the oven.

  • Made with cast iron that retains and conductsheat evenly for a more flavorful taste
  • Can be used on gas . electric . and conduction cooktops . and can be placed in the oven
  • Ideal for roasting steaks . searing steaks . pan-frying chicken . and baking in the oven
  • Crafted in vintage style that complements your quality cookware
  • Double pour spouts for convenient serving
  • Long . ergonomic handle that stays cooler longer
  • Naturally non-stick


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