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Pyrography is one of thefastest-growing hobbiesin North America.

The satisfaction you feel after burning a beautiful landscape into an even more beautiful piece of wood is immeasurable.

That’s why we’ve put together a beautiful 42 piece pyrography kit . so you can burn to your heart’s content.

Pyrography art makes greatbirthday .anniversaryor evenChristmas presents.

With the variety of soldering and wood burning tips . you’ll be able tocreate anything you can imagine.

Whether you’re just getting into pyrography or have been burning wood for years . this kit will have everything you need to practice until you’re perfect.


Package Contents:

  • Plastic and foam cutter
  • Soldering tips
  • Varied wood burning tips
  • Number stencil
  • Alphabet stencil
  • Portable leather bag

Additional Details:

  • Dimensions:22CM
  • Output Temperature:200-450 degrees
  • Output Power:60W
  • Input Voltage:220V/110V


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