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Woodworking can be very cumbersome. Thanks to the Grinder Disc . you’re about to love woodworking even more.

Whether you’re a carpenter or a sculptor . you’ll enjoy using the Grinder Disc. The Grinder Disc is flanked by two steel plates . providing a secure grip. Having a bit of a problem maneuvering around curved wood angles? If you’re looking for a saw disc to make your go-to tool for woodworking projects . the Grinder Disc is for you.
Grinder Disc Chain Saw takes the muscle work out of cutting . carving . removing and sculpting of wood . plastics . ice and hard rubber with their speed and maneuverability. The chainsaw blade is held in place between two steel plates which provide a secure grip for carving.

Regardless of grain or knots . the blade cuts through the material with ease to the user.

Made with high-grade steel


  • Our 22 tooth design provides a smooth ??finished?? surface which is great for minimal sanding afterward.
  • Chains can be either be sharpened using a chainsaw file or replaced as need be.
  • Great for curved work . like the inside of bowls . for fast waste removal.
  • It’s easy to assemble and easy to use
  • Fits any kind of grinders
  • Diameter: 4′ 100mm . Arbor: 5/8′ 16mm
  • Fits 4′(100mm) or 4-1/2′(115mm) angle grinders perfectly


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