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5*2.8M Yoga Flying Hammock Swing Aerial Yoga Hammock Silk Fabric OR Carabiner & Daisy Chain for Yoga Anti-Gravity Pilates

What’s the Aerial Yoga Hammock:

Aerial (Flying) Yoga is a unique practice inspired by the study of movement. The aerial yoga hammock is suspended from two points creating a “U” shape hammock for your body to rest in . lean on . and fly. The aerial yoga hammock is a tool that allows the practitioner to depend their postures . create a fuller range of motion . deepen awareness . and in many cases heal their body.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

Re-alignment of the spineReduced back pain and soreness in the musclesHealthier digestive and lymphatic systemsIncreased relaxation and improved moodAnti-aging . due to the counter-gravitational effects on the bodyImproved flexibilityHigher levels of energyIncreased focusDecompression of the joints and spinal discsIncreased endorphin levelsCardiovascular improvementImprovement of symptoms in those with breathing conditionsIncreased muscular strengthImproved blood circulation


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