Zero-Waste Food Preservation Tray – Best Trendy Deals

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Save Space By Stacking Them!

Keep food fresh easier . and longer than ever with the revolutionary Food Preservation Tray. Reusable forever . simply insert any food and close the top to create an airtight . leakproof seal with absolutely zero-waste and without the hassle of sticky . unreliable plastic wrap.

  • One-Time Purchase . Save Money
  • Protect Our Oceans From Single-Use Plastics
  • Airtight Seal . Keep Food Fresh Longer
  • Strong . Durable Top Film Layer . Reuse It Forever!
  • Save Space In Your Fridge!
  • Dishwasher . Microwave & Freezer Safe!

    The Food Preservation Tray works better than plastic wraps . is a one-time purchase and keeps food fresh way longer! The amazing slim . sleek design is made to be stacked on top of otherfood preservation trays to save tons of space in your fridge.

    Note: Do Not Put The Preservation Tray In The Oven

    It uses a stretchy film on the top layer to create a vacuum seal over the top of any food . strong and durable . the film is nearlyimpenetrable!Meal prep or keep leftovers fresh for days or even weeks . simply put it in the tray and push down!

    Plastic waste is one of the leading threats to our Oceans and Wildlife . by making an effort to reduce plastic wrap and plastic bags . you will be making a difference in your day to day life.


    Color: White . Red
    Size: 30cm x 22.8cm
    Material:EnvironmentalProtection PP . Advanced Elastic Film
    Dishwasher . Microwave & Freezer Safe!


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