Reusable Espresso Capsule Coffee Filter – Quality Grabber

$57.95 $26.95

Theseespresso capsules arereusableandtotally zero wastecapsules fully compatible with Nespresso . Dolce Gusto and Vertuo.

You can save money and the planet by making this simple switch.

Did you know the amount of single-use cups could wrap around the earth 10 times? It’s a disgusting statistic . but true none the less!


Zero-waste: Reuse your capsules and stop contributing to the waste

Save Money: Save up hundreds of dollars per year on busing pre-ground coffee with our reusable capsules

The perfect gift: Give the gift any coffee lover would enjoy and help spread awareness of the single-use capsule pandemic!

Healthy: Made of stainless steel . that’s totally BPA and aluminium free. Furlan has been found in single-use capsules . a carcinogenic element that you will never find in our stainless steel capsule.

Easy to use. Toss in your dishwasher . or easily wash by hand. Whichever you choose. You’ll be spending more time drinking coffee than you will be cleaning.

Flexible: Pick your favorite coffee . or mix and match flavors! With our pod . you’re no longer stuck with what is on the store shelves.


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